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Welcome to the vibrant world of Brushedbysophh, the brainchild of the dynamic sister duo, Sophie and Casey Beres. Their brand fuses creativity with personalization to transform ordinary items into extraordinary works of wearable art. 

Brushedbysophh is the epitome of self-expression and individuality. The brand offers a wide range of custom services, from shoes and clothing, to 1-of-1 brand merch and beyond.

What sets Brushedbysophh apart is the collaborative spirit that drives their creations. These sisters believe in working closely with their customers, translating their ideas into stunning products. This interactive approach ensures that every piece is a unique reflection of the wearer's personality and style.

Join the movement of self-expression and unlock the true potential of your wardrobe with Brushedbysophh!

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Co-Founder/Creative Director and Lead artist

Sophie Beres is the creative director and force behind Brushedbysophh! With an infectious enthusiasm for all things customized, Sophie is the lead artist responsible for transforming ordinary items into extraordinary works of art. She's seen her creations shared with the likes of: Khloe Kardashian, Demi Lovato, Carli Bybel, Jake Miller, Eva Longoria, Jojo Siwa and more.

Sophie's vibrant designs are inspired by her own creative mind, ensuring that each piece is as unique as the person wearing it. But she doesn't stop there; Sophie believes in collaboration. She loves working closely with her clients, combining their ideas and her artistic flair to create something truly remarkable.

With a touch of professional finesse, Sophie knows how to perfectly merge fun and creativity. No request is too outlandish or too ordinary – she's ready to turn your wildest fashion dreams into a reality.

Co-Founder/Director of Operations and Marketing

Casey Beres is the co-founder and the mastermind behind the operations and marketing strategies at Brushedbysophh. With a strategic mind and a love of the fashion industry, Casey ensures that the creative vision of the brand flourishes while keeping everything running smoothly behind the scenes.

As the Director of Operations and Marketing, Casey orchestrates the intricate dance of logistics, ensuring that every customized creation reaches its destination with precision and care. From managing the supply chain to streamlining the production processes to assessing customer needs and feedback, Casey's keen eye for detail guarantees a seamless experience for all clients.


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